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Cleaning Accessories

K&N Air Filter Cleaner and Filter Oil

Recharger Filter Care Service Kit (aerosol)

A six-step maintenance system designed to clean any K&N Filtercharger® Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger® performs like new!

6.5 oz. Spray Oil & 12 oz. Filter Cleaner 99-5000

Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

Same as 99-5000 except has squeeze oil bottle instead of spray can.

8 oz. Squeeze Oil & 12 oz. Filter Cleaner 99-5050

K&N Filtercharger Oil

K&N Air Filter Oil is specially formulated to work with the cotton fabric in K&N Filtercharger® elements providing a superior air filtration system. Iit penetrates the filter pleats and remains suspended in the fabric. Saturation is maintained until the element is cleaned with K&N Air Filter Cleaner.

6.5-oz. aerosol can - Red 99-0504
12-oz. aerosol can - Red 99-0516
8-oz. squeeze bottle - Red 99-0533
2 - .5-oz. pillow pack - Red 99-11311
.5-oz. pillow pack - Red 99-11312
1 US gallon refill bottle - Red 99-0551
5 US gallon pail - Red 99-0555

K&N Cabin Air Filter Refresher Kit

K&N Cabin Air Filter Refresher Kit

K&N’s Cabin Air Filter Refresher Kit comes with a 12 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin filter cleaner that loosens dirt and road grime from your K&N cabin air filter. Also included is an 8 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin air filter Refresher which increases the electrostatic properties of the cabin air filter helping it trap contaminants. This long lasting formula helps eliminate the source of most odors.

12-oz. Cabin Air Filter Cleaner Spray Bottle
8-oz. Cabin Air Filter Refresher

K&N Cleaner & Degreaser

K&N Air Filter Cleaner is the only cleaner formulated to clean K&N Filtercharger elements. The use of any other cleaning solution can void the filter's warranty, and quite possibly could damage the cotton material. K&N Cleaner works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil, and can be washed away with water. Complete instructions on bottle.

NOTE: Do not use on polished or anodized aluminum.

12-fl. oz. squirt bottle 99-0606
32-fl. oz. squirt bottle 99-0621
1 US gallon refill bottle 99-0635
5 US gallon Pail 99-0640

K&N Sealing Grease

K&N Sealing Grease provides an airtight fit around sealing surfaces on all types of air filter elements. It resists heat and will not melt or run off. K&N sealing grease is not to be used on clamp-on filter elements.

6-oz. squeeze tube 99-0704
1-oz. squeeze tube 99-0703-1

K&N Cleaning Instructions