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How to Find Your Car or Truck's Year, Make, Model, and Engine Size

North America:

Watch our video: How to Find K&N Products for Your Vehicle.
Most vehicles have an emissions decal placed either on the backside of the hood, on the radiator core support, or on the air box (the box that holds the air filter in place). Your engine size should be shown on the decal (4.0L for example). If you can't find the emissions decal you may also find the engine size printed on the decal under the hood that shows your engine's belt routing. You may also write down your Vehicle Identification Number that is stamped visibly near your driver's side dashboard top and listed on your vehicle registration certificate. This number can then be entered on K&N's part search by VIN webpage to find engine size as well as products for your vehicle. You may also contact your local dealership.


Your registration documents detail your engine size and type of vehicle. However, if you do not know whether your vehicle is spi (single point injection) or mpi (multi point injection) we suggest you consult your local dealer.

Once you have found your vehicle's information go to K&N's application search to find the right air filter, oil filter, or air intake for your car or truck.