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K&N® premium oil filters are meticulously engineered to offer outstanding filtration and engine protection. Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils, K&N's pleated synthetic-blend filtration media helps to shield your engine from contaminants and ensure a consistent flow of oil. The heavy-duty canister is engineered to be exceptionally durable, and a one-inch welded hex nut can be used for quick and easy filter removal. Each filter is specifically designed to withstand the service intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers, and is protected by the K&N® 1-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Designed to allow high flow rates and a consistent flow of oil to your engine
  • Pleated synthetic-blend filtration media removes most harmful contaminants
  • Fast and easy Wrench-Off® removal using the welded one-inch hex nut
  • High capacity to withstand the service intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers
  • Heavy-duty canister for outstanding durability
  • Laboratory tested to ensure excellent capacity, efficiency, and mechanical strength
  • Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Anti Drain Back ValveYes
Bypass ValveNo
Filter MaterialHigh Flow Premium Media
Gasket MaterialHigh Temperature Nitrile
Height3.406 in (87 mm)
Outside Diameter3.688 in (94 mm)
PSI Relief ValveNone
Removal NutYes
Thread Specification13/16 In. - 16
Product StyleOil Filters
Weight1 lb (0.5 kg)
Product Box Height4 in (102 mm)
Product Box Length3.88 in (98 mm)
Product Box Width3.88 in (98 mm)
Removal Nut Size1 inch
Warranty1 Year Limited
Cross References
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Donaldson P779139
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Federated LF225F
Federated LF509F
Fiaam FT4967
Fiat-Allis 71146873
Fleetguard LF16109
Fleetguard LF651
Fleetrite LFR8651
Fluitek H370425M14
FMC Corp 37A0635
Ford 5000188
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Ford C3RZ6731C
Ford C4RZ6731C
Ford CC3CZ6731D
Ford MC1
Ford R1V
Fram DG30
Fram PH30
Fram PH8873
Fram TG30
Fram XG30
G-77 H49
G-77 H5315
Generac 55505
Gonher GP3
Group 7 V49
Group 7 V5313
Gud Z44
Haiye HO7880
Hastings LF225
Hastings LF509
Havoline T18
Havoline T45
Hyster 1338438
Hyster T127644
Installer Edge AL30
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International 452418C1
International Harvester 452418C1
Jiffy Lube HL30
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LPM 13505069
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Mann-Hummel ML1016
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Massey-Ferguson 1025280M1
Massey-Ferguson 1025280M91
Massey-Ferguson 1035637M91
Massey-Ferguson 146393M1
Massey-Ferguson 1900374
Mercruiser 32716
Mercruiser 35866340001
Mercruiser 35866340K01
Mercruiser 35866340QO1
Mercruiser 54111
Micro-Guard GL15313
Micro-Guard GL20049
Micro-Guard MGL8873
Mighty M454
MileGuard MO30
MileGuard MO8873
Mobil MO49
Mobil MO5313
Mobil One M1111
Mopar F000PH25
Mopar OFE00134
Motor Trend MT30
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Motorcraft EFL59
Motorcraft EL70
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Motorcraft SFL206
N.S.N. 294000221347
N.S.N. 2940002213470
Napa 1046
Napa 1069
Napa 1069MP
Napa 21069
Napa 27099
Napa 7099
Nascar Select 91069
Nascar Select 97099
National Standard 294000221347
National Standard 2940002213470
Original Engine Management OF1001
Original Engine Management OF1020
Outboard Marine 173232
Outboard Marine 174787
PartsMaster 130
PartsMaster 61069
PartsMaster 61069BP
PartsMaster 67099
PartsMaster 67099BP
Pennzoil PZ3
Pennzoil PZ52
Pennzoil PZI3
Pennzoil PZI52
Pentius PLB30
Pentius PLB8873
Performax PO3
Performax PO52
Perry PL129
Perry PL3
Pit Stop PSL47
Power Flo SL1531
Power Flo SL20049
Premium Guard PG49
Premium Guard PG5313
Primeguard POF49
Primeguard POF5313
Pro-Line PPL20049
Pro-Tec 102
Pro-Tec 102MP
Pro-Tec 175
Pro-Tec 175MP
Professionals Choice Q49
Professionals Choice Q5313
Promotive PH49
Promotive PH5313
Pronto PO30
Pronto PO49
Pronto PO5313
Pronto PO8873
Purepro L5313
Purolator L15313
Purolator L20049
Purolator PL15313
Purolator PL20049
QAP QL20049
Quaker State QS30
Quaker State QS8873
Quicksilver 35866340Q02
Quicksilver 35866340Q03
Ryco Z40
Savara 92814317
Savara 92814417
Service Champ OF5313
Service Champ SO49
Service Champ SO8873
Service Pro DO30
Service Pro M49
Service Pro M5313
Shell S18
Shell SH18
Shell SH45
Sierra 187877
Specialist Choice OP49
STP S025
STP S8873
Sullair 46949
Sure SFO0049
Sure SFO49
Sure SFO5313
Team1 L30
Team1 TO8873
Tecnocar R134
Tires Plus TF454
Triton CO129
Triton CO54
Valuecraft V8873
Valvoline VO65
Volvo 3131412
Volvo 3852412
Volvo 6895003
Volvo 835440
Volvo 8354409
Walmi WS30
Warner WHP1011
Web W30
White 027092218
White 27092218
White 703103
WIX 51046
WIX 51069
WIX 51069MP
WIX 57099
Woodgate WGL651
Yamaha YSC13231200C
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20-30 Minutes

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