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K&N Product Vibration Testing

test results

One of K&N's core purposes is to produce quality products that perform as promised. To help ensure this K&N has a section of its research & development laboratory devoted to testing product wear and tear using a vibration stand to duplicate real world conditions.

Engineers at K&N use a vibration test stand to put extreme stress on filters, filter assemblies, and air intake parts. The vibration stand is a three axis machine, designed for vertical, horizontal and lateral testing. Frequencies and amplitudes are set for the test then acceleration data is provided and recorded throughout the test. The lateral and vertical functions are similar to going up and down a bumpy road, while the horizontal function is milder. The three profiles are different but effective in determining product quality in simulated driving conditions. Eighteen days on K&N's state of the art vibration stand is equal to 486,000 road miles. K&N is able to make sure enough flexibility is built into our products by testing, and modifying the design, as necessary, to produce a product that lasts in real use.

K&N stands behind its products. The vibration stand is another tool used at K&N to make sure products meet the expectations of consumers.